Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stuffed Pork Chops

I'm thinking this one came from Meals Made Easy, but maybe not...it's not mine though.

You will need:
4 pork loins (thick as you can get them)
3-4 slices of whole wheat bread, cubed
1/4 cup melted butter
1/4 parsley
1/3 chopped apples (the original recipe called for raisins or cranberries and I didn't want to do either of those so I thought, what else goes nicely with pork? Apples...think porkchops and applesause)
brown sugar

Combine ingredients 2-6 in a mixing bowl. Salt and pepper to taste.
Cut a slit into pork loins and open them up to make a pocket.
Fill the pocket with the mixture (pack it in there!)
Place filled pork on a cookie sheet (cover with foil, trust me)
Sprinkle a small handful of brown sugar over the top of each one

Place under the broiler (which you should turn on at the beginning of this process) for about 10 minutes. I did not turn it on at the beginning the second time I made these and it took like 20 minutes for the meat to not be pink. Let that sucker heat up!

These are soooooooo good. I paired ours with whole wheat garlic/olive oil cous cous the first time and chef salad the second time. Rice would work nicely as well.