Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fried Rice

This is how I do it...however, there are many variations, I'm sure.

You will need:
Rice (I switch between brown and Jasmine)
Soy Sauce
Vegetable Oil
Garlic Powder
Leftover chicken, pork (if you have any)

My parents would also always add a frozen peas/carrots mixture, but I...not so much.

Okay, so first you prepare rice according to the package. I usually just do 1 cup unless I want to eat this stuff for 4 days, then I'll double the recipe of the rice.

So, once the rice is done, heat some veggie oil in a deepish skillet and after it's warm, dump in the cooked rice...allow to brown a bit (5 minutes) and stir around.

Throw in some garlic powder, soy sauce, pepper (you don't need salt because soy sauce is really salty), I also added a touch of dill to my batch last night, and it was tasty! Basically, throw in some flavor of your liking.

Toss around rice in oil somemore.

Make a well in your rice, a place in which you can crack your eggs. I like to use 3 eggs because I like my rice very eggy. If you prefer less, use 2. If you double the rice, use 4. Crack the eggs into the well and scramble them up. Try not to get rice into eggs at this point.

After the eggs set up a bit, mix them into the rice making sure they are evenly distributed.

At this point, you can be done, or you can toss in any leftover meat you have from a previous meal. Chicken and pork work best...think fried rice people...see much beef fried rice?...but whatever, if you think you'll like, toss it in!

That's it! I eat this all alone, but you could pair it up with bread and a salad for a very nice meal. Leftovers are fantastic!