Monday, January 19, 2009

A Week 1 wrap up --Erin

Okay, so at the end of week 1 of operation, "What the heck happened?" I really feel like I've made the mental commitment to change my ways.  Seriously.  Usually, I pretend the make the commitment or unwillingly try to make the commitment and in the end, fail.  This time, though, something clicked in my head and I totally get it and want to do it and really, it's not that hard.  You still get to eat all kinds of lovely food, just you know, don't eat so much.  Don't eat 3 cookies when 1 will do...and don't eat cookies everyday.  Remember when we were kids...there were not cookies everyday at all!  And we were fine and we were kids.  We didn't think about the reasoning behind not having that everyday treat and now as adults, we can understand that an everyday treat will end up equaling an everyday fat ass.

Anyway, I have lost 3 pounds this week.  I am happy with that outcome.  3 pounds a week is a good 12 pounds a month, which means I will be back in my comfort zone in a mere 3 months.  Now I'm not saying in 3 months I'm going to stop or be done, I can always be less than my comfort zone...I'm just looking for that body type I had right when Danny and I started dating (yes, that means I did gain 30 pounds in 3 years...yuck!).  I felt great, I looked great, I was no size 6, but I was perfectly happy with my pants.  These past few months and years, I've been unhappy with my pants and all I want is to again, be happy in the morning before work and not disappointed and disgusted.  

So I'm on my way with these first 3 pounds!


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